See No Evil Pictures was formed in 2013 by friends who figured out that their common bond was their love for media and film. We have some exciting projects in development at the moment including Ad Astra and Weston, 1885.

Our Midwest roots help ground us in the indie film spirit and drive us to work hard for everything we have.

Ryan Balock – President

snep_people_balockRyan is a seasoned marketing professional and storyteller. He formed See No Evil to satiate his need to tell simple stories in a unique way.

Motion picture combines Ryan’s experience in writing, directing, producing, design, and music.

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Dawn Rathnow – VP, CFO

snep_people_rathnowDawn brings nearly 20 years of high-level financial experience to See No Evil. As CFO, Dawn ensures our projects are well-run with a  keen eye on maximizing our investors’ trust.

Dawn is a lifelong music fan and film geek. Her broad exposure to all things media makes her a creative force within See No Evil.

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Chris DeRuyscher – VP, Production

snep_people_deruyscherChris has spend his 15+ year career as a media producer for professional sports teams. Every day, Chris engages with audiences to supplement on-the-field action with an array of entertaining content.

Chris knows his way around a set and edit room. His ability to take filmed assets and stitch together a fluid narrative is world-class.

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Chris Nenninger

snep_people_nenningerChris was a founding partner of See No Evil Pictures. His infectious laugh, positive attitude, and love of film remains with us even though he is gone. We miss him more each day.