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In Olion, Leah and Tess battle to overcome their differences and evade body doubles which appear after a mysterious sound echoes in the sky.

Set during an annual camping trip in rural Pennsylvania, Tess returns to find her sister, Leah, angry and cynical after she lost their mother mysteriously months prior. The morning after they meet, Tess and Leah are surprised to find that they are not alone in the woods.

Olion is an exciting and entertaining short film and we are excited to see our project head into the 2016/2017 film festival circuit. Stay tuned for more information on which festivals Olion will show.

We have developed Olion into a unique and captivating science fiction television series. For more information or to find out how to become involved in this project, please contact us.

Cydney Carl as Leah Hammond
Kate T. Billingsley as Tess Hammond

Digital (shot on Arri Alexa)
Run time: 13 minutes

Ryan Balock – Director, Producer
Jesse Giallombardo – Writer
Kyle Hartigan – Producer, Sound Design
Ryan Stadlman – Editor
Ryan Sun – Editor
Ryan Coyne – Editor
Dustin Raysik – Assistant Camera
Nick Moo – Assistant Camera
Jim Marhsall – Assistant Camera
Kyle Pahlow – Director of Photography
Jay Hartigan, CAS – Sound
Allie Mae – SFX Makeup
Billie Howard – Composer
Erin Ryan – Production Assistant
Tim Wentz – Production Assistant
Molly Stayman – Color
Music – Lauren Babic and Red Handed Denial
Dawn Rathnow – Co-Producer
Mike Brigg – Executive Producer
Alkemy X – VFX